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Savio Gaming brand belongs to Elmak Sp. z o.o, a consumer electronics manufacturer that has been present on the market for 30 years. Brand produce remote controler, LED lighting and electronic controllers for household appliances. Thanks to systematic development, Elmak now has its own construction department, CE laboratory and extensive production infrastructure.

Elmak has acquired competences in the broadly understood entertainment business in cooperation with the world's largest brands, including HBO, O2 or Canal +. Experience and innovative concepts of company required more opportunities. This is how the idea of creating our own consumer brand - Savio - focused on the distribution of electronic accessories was born.

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Savio's market success is based on understanding the consumer's needs and the possibilities of modern technologies. The company’s employees are great enthusiasts of electronic forms of entertainment, which is why decisions about product development are made naturally with own consumer and professional experiences.

Savio gaming sub-brand was created by gamers for gamers. In this case, passion is a guarantee of quality - Savio designs only products that make a difference on the market and support players in improving their skills.

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Always in the game. We build your advantage.

The name of our brand is some kind of challenge. „Enter the game” is like invitation to a confrontation. We are ready for it! We know that e-sport is a serious competition, so we want to give our customers confidence that SG devices will not fail them at a crucial moment.

Details often determine success. That is why we attach a great importance to the quality of products and the search for innovative solutions. Our goal is to make it easier for you to improve your skills – shorten the reaction time, increase the accurancy of games or make better decisions. We are like an experienced coach who always stands in the corner to motivate you to effort and help take adventage od your oponents't weaknesses. We build your advantage.

Always in the game. We build your advantage.


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